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Love Your Reflection: Rectangle Body Shape

Love your Reflection: Building A Positive Body Image for All

Rectangle Body Shape what to wear for your photo session

Does a butterfly see its own wings and know just how beautiful it is?

No, because butterflies have compound eyes. These eyes, made up of multiple lenses, allow butterflies to have a wide field of vision and can even detect ultraviolet signals for communication, however they cannot see their own wings....

UNLESS, they see their reflection!

Recent studies suggest that butterfly wings can reflect and cast shadows on their complex eyes when hit by sunlight. LOVE YOUR REFLECTION is the eye opening sunlight you need in your life to see your beautiful reflection!

Love your reflection - positive body image for the rectangle body shape

The rectangle body shape is characterized by equal bust, waist and hip measurements. The lack of curves makes the body appear like a column or a rectangle.

Are you ready to love your Rectangle Body Shape reflection? What to wear - Rectangle Body Shape

Tip #1 for enhancing your waistline for the Rectangle body shape:

When enhancing your waist, you have two options:

  1. If you are very slender and want to create more curves, you can proportionally add volume to your upper and lower body and leave the waist as is.

  2. Alternatively, you can make your waist appear slimmer by visually pulling it in but leaving the upper and lower body as is.

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