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Join Melonie for her Positive Vybz Tyrb Adventure:

A guided mentorship for mothers and daughters to grow their bonds, gain self-value and connect with a tryb of like -minded women

VYBZ TRYB events cater to moms, legal guardians and mom-like figures with daughters ages 12-19. Spots are limited for each group and event, so book your call today to learn more!

Hey momma,

Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

Are you feeling like your little girl is growing up too fast?

We all want our 'babies' to babies forever, but when the teen years approach, we can't deny that they are growing up!

As your daughter transforms from tween to teen, you start to notice a distance forming.

As you watch this transformation, you hope that she has self-value, confidence and especially faith.

And you pray that SHE sees the potential, beauty, and strength that SHE posses.

You are not alone! As a mom, I have been though these feelings first-hand.


As a photographer.... I see it every time a mother brings her daughter to me for her senior portraits.

And I realized something amazing, your daughter still needs you, and now more than ever!

Teens and tweens crave a connection with you as much as you do with them, she just might not be able to express it. Moms, you need to find the best way to connect with her though these difficult transformative years and ensure she stays on the right path.

I'm sharing exactly how I'm doing that with a group of mothers and daughters though my VYBZ Tryb Mother Daughter Adventure"

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Vybz Tryb
mother daughter adventures

As a mother myself, I understand the importance of fostering strong relationships with our daughters. That’s why I founded the VYBZ TRYB – an exclusive community for mothers and daughters to bond and connect with others from around the world.


Our programs include mentorship roles, exclusive events and activities, and opportunities to strengthen the mother-daughter connection. I’m excited to offer this unique experience for mothers and daughters, and I hope you’ll join us!

In the 30A Vybz Mother Daughter adventure, you will have access to the tools needed to make a real impact with online content for a positive body image, self-value and guides for mother-daughter pairs.

Then, you and your daughter enjoy a one-on-one session with me to connect in person so I can help you put those tools to use during our magazine styled photo session.

I want all mother-daughter pairs to feel confidence in their everyday connections and to share self-love, positive body image values for all. As part of the VYBZ community, it's important to prioritize what's really important in life. And your connection with your daughter is one of the most important friendships that both of you will ever experience.


As tweens transition, it can be difficult to maintain those connections and steer clear of the worlds dangers and temptations. I want to empower you to mentor your daughter with body confidence and self-love.

We’ll dive into critical conversations about self-value, trust, body-image and faith to help her choose the right path and uphold her values.

Please join me with your daughter to create an adventure that will impact your relationship for decades to come.

30a photographer mother daughter sessions

join me

For a mother daughter adventure to grow your bonds and cherish the connections. Building a tryb of like-minded mother-daughter pairs that can rely on each other for support, encouragement and fruitful bonds.

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