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Crush it on Camera with business headshots and modern professional content to maximize your brand clarity, online presence and authentic vibe.

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Women in business destin florida

Women in Business | Destin
Headshots for Empowering Brands


Having an up-to-date, professional headshot is crucial for making a comprehensive virtual first impression on your audience and presenting the complete picture of you and your brand. Your headshot should communicate that you are approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable about your business. In today's digital landscape, your headshot might be the initial interaction your clients have with you and your brand, making it the gateway to your professional image.

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HI! I'm Melonie, a master of making you look great on camera

how I can help

Melonie, a business owner and nationally recognized speaker in her field, comprehends the significance of branding and marketing in the modern business landscape. She excels in crafting contemporary and fashionable images tailored for today's business experts.


If you require an updated headshot, Her amazing VYB offers an efficient process to deliver a top-notch portrait that aligns with your style and professional image. For those aiming to elevate their business, we present a thorough Branding Makeover Portfolio along with a personalized branding design consultation.

reasonS to consider a brand makeover

In today's competitive online landscape, where everyone is vying for attention and aiming to create a lasting visual impact, it's crucial to convey the complete and unforgettable story of your brand. While headshots were once sufficient for this, they no longer suffice. Nowadays, businesses are embracing a comprehensive visual online presence that combines their professional and personal lives to narrate their brand's story. This is where the Branding Makeover Portfolio comes into play. It offers the ultimate business photo session, showcasing not only your headshots but also painting a visual narrative of your lifestyle both at work and behind the scenes. While a headshot may initiate a conversation with a potential customer, it's the distinctive visual story of your brand that is more likely to seal the deal. Are you providing your audience with enough visual content to help them truly understand the essence of your brand in the digital realm? If you aim to enhance your brand's voice and raise its visibility, a Brand Makeover could be the key to achieving that goal.

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Plus Size Model

your wardrobe reflects your style vibe

In every session, we provide a comprehensive "What to Wear" guide that advises on suitable styles and colors for empowering women. Your wardrobe should authentically represent your personality and play a crucial role in conveying the desired message through your headshot, aligning with your brand image. We assist you throughout the process, helping you select the ideal outfit(s) on the day of your session to match the image you aim to portray.

Ready to take your wardrobe to the next level? As a Magazine Fashion & Brand Photographer, Melonie is also a qualified personal stylist helping every BODY  Love their Reflection!

The perfect vibe is NOT about size, it's about shape - do you know how to find the perfect style vibe for your body type? Learn More >>>

All VYB Headshot sessions include:

  • A comprehensive "What to Wear" guide

  • Images provided in high-resolution JPEG format

  • Consultation available via phone or in-person to discuss your preferences

  • Quick turnaround for final images

  • Optional on-location session

  • Makeup Artist services available upon request

  • Group Discounts offered, please inquire for details

  • Ability to include extra JPEG images as needed

  • Professional service and expertise delivered with a friendly attitude

headshots in destin women in business

how to make it happen

To schedule an in-person Branding VYBZ photo session, please contact Melonie by text at 850-460-4437 or complete the online form here and she will reach back out within 24 hours.. She will answer any questions you may have and if you choose to the full branding MAKEOVER SESSION, we will set up your personal consultation date.



Ask about my 2 day workshops that include not only the VYB Makeover but also teach you how to be a brand magnet. Be the one on their lips and attract Clients 4 Life at my 2 days workshops!


BONUS: The Mastery Podcast workshop in Apex, NC includes a 1 minute commercial and a 20 minute podcast video with Dr. Sas aired on 7 different podcast sites including YouTube, click link below to watch my interview on her YouTube with over 5.76K subscribers.

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