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What is a flying dress?

Inspired by the famous Greek Santorini Flying Dresses, I have worked with fashion designers and seamstress to create 24-30 foot wide skirts/dresses made from REAL parachute material. As a Destin Headshots photographer in 30A, Florida, I love capturing these dresses on the beaches at sunrise or sunset for Women in Business. 

30A Florida Flying Dress Photo Session


How does a flying dress work for Destin Headshots?

Our dresses are made from old parachutes and skirts are between 24-30 foot wide. Two assistants (friends) to throw or fluff the dress to capture movement and most importantly, Melonie Marie Photography and the beautiful settings of 30A Florida.


How much does a flying dress photoshoot cost?

If you are planning to have a flying dress photo session in the 30A, Destin, or Panhandle of Florida you can plan on investing between a minimum of $500 for your Flying Dress Photo session for your Destin  Headshots. This typically includes dress rental, digital downloads and beach permitting fees.

30A Photographer


How do you pose for a flying dress photoshoot?

Posing for a photo shoot in a dress with a 30-foot train can be challenging, but there are a few techniques that can help you achieve a stunning photo. Click here for tips on your Destin Headshots.


Where is the best place for a flying dress photoshoot?

30A Florida offers the most picturesque opportunities for Destin Headshots and for a flying dress photo session if you are looking for a session on the beach. Destin, Panama City and some local garden areas offer unique backdrop settings for your parachute dress session.

Flying Dress photo session

How 'flying dress' photos became so popular on instagram for Destin Headshots.

It's difficult to pinpoint an exact reason why flying dress photo sessions became so popular on Instagram, but here are some possible factors:

30a senior portraits parachute

1. The uniqueness and creativity of the concept: The idea of wearing a flowing dress and appearing to be floating in mid-air is visually stunning and imaginative. It's not something that you typically see in everyday life, so it draws the attention of viewers.

2. The influence of social media influencers: Many influencers and photographers on Instagram began sharing photos of these flying dress sessions, which likely helped to spread its popularity even further.

3. The aesthetic appeal: The photos themselves are often very visually appealing, with the combination of a beautiful dress, natural surroundings, and unique poses.

4. The advent of drone photography: With the increasing availability and affordability of drones, it has become easier to capture aerial shots that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the photos.

5. The potential for self-expression: Flying dress photo sessions offer a unique opportunity for individuals to express themselves in a creative and artistic way, which can be a powerful draw for those seeking to showcase their individuality on social media.

how to pose for a flying dress photo session
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