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Empowering High School Teens with Confidence!



& Melonie Marie Photography

30a senior portraits

The Vybz Tryb Team

What is the Vybz Tryb?

Visionary Youth Believers is a select group of teens and their parents coming together to promote a positive social environment for teens both online and inperson. I believe in using God's word to promote a positive body image and attitude in young adults. I provide empowering photo session for high school teens and help them share their story to make an impact on the world and in their community.

Please note: The VYBZ TRYB TEAM is my exclusive model rep program and is by INVITE ONLY. Please do not share this information as it is only available to Melonie Marie Model Reps.

A model rep for Melonie Marie Photography is essentially a representative who helps to promote my photography work to potential clients. Model reps act as a liaison between 30A Vybz and potential clients, helping to identify and recruit high school teens for photo shoots, or they may help to market my services to families and businesses. My model reps are passionate about promoting my work and in return will get coaching and mentorship in marketing and public relations for social media branding.

earn cash

There is a $250 fee to join the team. This fee covers your first photo session with (2) outfits at one location. Plus you get your own phone APP* for sharing all your images.

At our tween, teen & senior photography studio, we know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. That's why we've created the vybz tryb team. We reward our team reps for helping us spread the word about our services.

Here's how it works:


1. Refer a friend: If you know a high school teen who needs photos, refer them to our studio by sharing your referral link or code with them.


2. Friend books and completes session: When your friend books a session and completes it with us, they will receive a $50 discount on their total package.


3. You earn cash: As a thank you for your referral, you will earn a $50 cash reward for each friend that books with us and completes their senior photo shoot.


4. Earn even more: In addition to the $50 cash reward, we will also enter you into a quarterly drawing for a FREE session. The more friends you refer, the more chances you have to win!


This referral program is a win-win for everyone. Your friends get great photos at a discounted price, you earn cash rewards and have a chance to win even more, and we get to work with more awesome high school teens. Start referring your friends now and earn cash rewards today!

30A photographer senior portraits
Top Senior Portrait Photographer in Destin Florida

the experience

My mission is to empower teens with leadership skills and self-worth. I believe in helping teens realize their full potential and true authenticity. By promoting a positive body image for both guys and gals, my goal is to cultivate their inner self so that their true authentic self can come through and flourish.


What's in it for you?

In additional to the fun photo shoots and cash earnings, you also get Branding Colabs!

Did you know statistics show that teens can generate $2000+ a month by collaborating with brands. Now more than ever, todays teens are self-confident entrepreneurs before they graduate high school.


But how do they get started?

It all starts with having a positive body image, a sense of self-worth...and the knowledge to connect and create brand deals on social media!

team perks

what it means for you

As a Creative Team Member for my studio, you get all this:


year-round team shoots that are actually fun meet-ups that I photograph for content


help in understanding how and when and why to post


I work with brands to help expand our circle and create relationships that grow over time


all of this results in you getting great social media images to share that aren’t over-posed & fake

30A Senior Portraits
30A Senior Portrait Photographer

And Parents



At 30A VYBZ by Melonie Marie Photography, I specialize in empowering teen photo sessions that focus on the beauty of self-discovery and positive body image. I provide branding opportunities for high school teens and beautiful images for parents of their teen. Our photo sessions are designed to celebrate the individuality of each teen, create self-awareness and build confidence.

Through my lens of I capture the true beauty, joy and essence of every teen that steps foot in front on my camera. My goal is to provide teens with a positive and uplifting experience to help build their self-esteem and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. We offer Canvas Prints, Heirloom albums, Memory Boxes and more. Decorate your home with love!

What's included

Teens get coaching by Melonie, a pack of model cards with carrying tin, a blog interview/post featuring our favorite portraits of them, custom facebook timeline cover, inclusion in our “Meet our Models” YouTube video and a portrait session with us.


Also, they get cash for every friend they refer who books their portraits with us. Our Top Models also each get to star in a 60 second commercial for our studio. The commercials are part of our “Visionary Youth BelieverZ” campaign and magazine.

More than just a cash bonus, teens can earn BFF photo sessions, pet sessions, family sessions, fashion shopping gift cards, home decor items and more!

Each month we have team challenges that can be done both online (social media) and even in person (like volunteering) and team members can earn additional swag with us!

30A Photographer
whats included
30A Photographer

What's required

As part of my model team, you are the face of my company. Please be sure to keep your public / social media feeds positive and refrain from bashing others or negative/harmful behavior. This will result in immediate dismissal from team.

In addition to promoting a positive influence to your community and others, you are required to help promote both Melonie Marie Photography and 30A VYBZ in a positive way. 

All reps are required to have a public Instagram and Pinterest account. You can earn extra bonus items for other social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat.

To receive digital download with printing release, Reps are required to post on social media for 3 months, once all requirement have been met during that 3 month period, you will be sent full size digital images with print release.


The BIG answer to WHY become a rep... the modeling events!

As a Photographer for over 20 years, I can tell you that the fun part of working with a photographer is all the chances to "act" or "dress" in a fashion or theme that you may not of ever thought of. From Victorian Age Steampunk of the 1850's to modern trends, we have ideas for everything in between.

Just a reminder, we have 7 custom parachute dresses, gals have the opportunity to use a dress as one of their outfits for their photo session. Modeling opportunities for Parachute dresses are ONLY available during non-peak season. If you would like to join the waiting list for our next individual parachute dress session, please click here to sign up.


Note, you MUST already have paid your model rep fee to sign up fo any model rep event.

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