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Image consultant with 30 foot dress

Flying Dresses by 30A VYBZ is a unique adventure for females of all ages (well, 1 and up) LOL

with a FLYING Parachute Dress
Why play 'dress up' with a 30 foot wide flying dress

Here's my top reasons why...

30a Flying dress events
Parachute dresses with 30A Vybz flying dresses
parachute dresses with 30a vybz flying dresses


Voice Your B

Personal or professional BOLD: This type of photo session can be used for personal branding, professional portraits, or creative expression. It allows you to showcase your personality, individuality, or capture a specific concept or theme.

Eye Catching

Unique and eye-catching visuals: The large dress made from a parachute will create a visually stunning element in the photos, which can be an attention-grabbing factor. It will make your photos stand out and create a memorable and striking image.


Birthday celebrations from age 1 to 100. Getting styled in a parachute dress for a special event like A Sweet 16th birthday event or even turning the big 50. These dresses are a great way to embrace your inner princess and celebrate graduations, BFF's & more!


Symbolism and meaning: Parachutes are often associated with adventure, freedom, and taking risks. Incorporating a parachute dress into your photo session can convey a sense of liberation, daring, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

If you’d like more information about the 7 parachute dress options available, get in touch today.

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