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Feel Empowered
unlock your Authentic Self with 30A VYBZ

30A VYBZ, Visionary Youth BelieverZ
30A Vybz is a place where teens can come to make a difference in the world. We believe that everyone has a unique story to share or gift to offer, and we want to help teens find their passion and use it to make a positive impact on the world. We do this through our mentorship and one-on-one creative content photo sessions and teach them to be micro influencers.


  • if every teen girl loved her body or 

  • if every teen guys felt confident in himself

What if I told you that I can help make that possible...


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061 - 30A Senior Portraits.jpg

Creating Confidence through images...of YOU!

You are not defined by your body, but by your soul. As a faith-based photographer, coach and content creator, I help teens make a difference in the world. I help them to feel confident in sharing their stories and passions through images and help them to inspire others to be confindent and beautiful in their own skin.

30a photographer positive body image

At 30a VYBZ, I believe that every individual deserves to have their story, their passion, and their purpose celebrated through photography. I work tirelessly to capture the raw emotion and energy at every photo session, creating images and content that is authentic, dynamic, and unforgettable.
I am experienced in working with teens and understands the importance of making sure that your photo session is a personalized experience. We take the time to get to know you, your interests, and your style to create the perfect setting that reflects your unique personality.
So, whether you're looking for a headshot that captures your brand, or an editorial style shoot that shows off your latest fashion finds, 30A VYBZ by Melonie Marie Photography is here to help. Get started by scheduling a consultation and let us help you capture the beauty and individuality that make you stand out as a teen influencer in 30A Florida.

why my clients


why clients love me


I address teen insecurities.


The key to having your personality show through is confidence! However, even the most confident people have some things they are not completely happy or satisfied with. I identify these triggers thus reducing their stress and/or anxiety levels so their true authentic self can flourish..

I work with EACH teen to ensure they have a personalized and unique session.

30a senior photographer-album 4.jpg


Hello Gorgeous!

This is NOT your everyday vyb! This is you at your best.


I know you're gorgeous, and I'm gonna make you FEEL IT! Treat yourself for the day and hire a professional to rock your hair and make-up vybz.

I have several prep guides full of tips and tricks to help you get camera-ready plus we will help you choose your HMU stylist based on our session consultation.

30a photographer folio.jpg



Magazine Ready... Literally!

30a Vybz has a printed magazine featuring every day teens and tweens promoting the gospel of God. We love working with both local and national fashion boutiques, jewelry and accessory brands and luxury travel locations to help teen influencers.


I believe in a positive body image for all shapes and sizes. My images used in the teen gospel influencer program and branding content is all about authenticity and capturing the real beauty and strength you didn't even know you had!

30a-photographer folio.jpg



The Perks Baby!

Yes! It's all about the perks! We proudly include gallery images downloads and print release with all of our collections - this is the digital age and we feel it's important for every client to have each of those memories.

However, I also believe that the greatest of images deserve to be seen and not lost on your endless camera roll in your phone. We offer custom-made products from albums to wall art to graduation announcements with fully retouched images.

30a senior photographer-album1.jpg

and LASTLY....


It's all about you!

High school years are such a huge milestone and they go by so fast.


That's why freshman year is the best time to start documenting all these changes in you.


From braces to bold beautiful smiles, capture every moment in between with our custom designed Teen Year Lookbooks featuring your favorite images from each season of your high school years. I want your images to be a reminder of all the amazing changes in you that happened during your high school years.


The Process



Looking for more details? Fill out the contact form HERE and we will circle back within 24 hours and will send you the session guide full of details about our session experience options, pricing, products we offer, and more.

For quicker response text us at (850) 460-4437


Today's teens and tweens want to look like they came from the pages of a fashion magazine, and at 30A VYBZ... that's exactly what they will be doing! We love taking every day teens just like you and partnering with local vendors to create magazine spreads that create impact.

>> view our music inspired magazine spread <<


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone model
YES, while you may feel nervous at first - we have years of experience working with guys and gals to help them feel relaxed around my camera. 



What if I don't have a perfect body?

Not even high-paid models do! Don't worry, we will teach posing and fashion techniques that will accentuate your body type.


Can a guy model?

Heck yes! We love capturing those GQ model moments for the guys. Aviator sunglasses and the ol' bomber jacket are a look no one can resist.

Do you help with Posing?

Yes! Your images are a direct reflection of OUR work, therefore, we are going to make sure you look incredible! Trust in our process - it works!

Can I get more info?
Of course! We understand there's questions when it comes to creating fashion magazine images. Send us an email, give us a call or text us and we can chat.

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