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It's time to harness your own power by unburdening yourself from the limiting beliefs you carry inside. Take a journey with us as we challenge those negative beliefs and discover the path to self value.

in unleashing your inner confidence. You are not defined by your body or experiences, but by your soul. My workshops aim to empower individuals by uncovering their authentic selves. By providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience, I help individuals express their personality and unleash their inner confidence, resulting in self-value that captures their unique spirit and tells their story.

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why clients love me


I address insecurities.


The key to having your personality show through is confidence! However, even the most confident people have some things they are not completely happy or satisfied with. I identify these triggers thus reducing their stress and/or anxiety levels so their true authentic self can flourish..

During my in-person workshops, I work with EACH individual to ensure they have a personalized and unique experience.

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30a photographer

What is confidence?


Confidence begins with self-value.

Self-value refers to how an individual perceives their own worth or importance. It reflects their beliefs and feelings about themselves, their abilities, and their value as a person. Self-value should not be influenced by factors such as personal achievements, relationships, and societal expectations, but instead by loving yourself and recognizing your potential and self-worth.


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Vybz, often spelled as "vibes," is a term used to describe a particular atmosphere, feeling, or energy associated with a particular situation, or social gathering. It is commonly used in the context to convey a sense of excitement, positivity, and good times. It can also refer to the overall ambiance or energy people feel when engaging in enjoyable activities.

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